Web Site and Facebook Compliance Enhancement

BE SURE you prominently display your Company NMLS number right under your Company
name in the header (top) of your web site or Facebook page.

Anywhere your name personal appears, or your MLO names, be sure you display your NMLS
number(s) under your name(s) by your other contact information.

Use an easy to read size type like a 12 font.

Then, repeat the Company NMLS # and contact information on the footer so it appears on
every single web site page at the bottom. If your regulator has to look for these NMLS numbers
they will likely make that a negative finding.

Next, follow these instructions to create the Important Disclosure Page.

  • Have your IT person (or yourself) add a page to your web site
  • Have the page open up in a new window, so that when your customer closes it they go back to your web site, not to cyber space.
  • Call the page “Important Disclosures”
  • Add a link on the footer, so it appears at the bottom of each page that says “Click here to read Important Disclosures”
  • On the page, you will copy the following three shortened policy statements from Book One.

Web based Privacy policy

Web based Goverment disclosure

Web based customer complaint policy

state specific requirements if neccessary

If you are a private money lender who does not handle government loans, you may omit the
Government Disclosure. A government loan is one that involves FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, USDA,
or GNMA.

Once you have done this, let us know and we will mark our files to show you are compliant.