Foreign National Loans

Despite investing billions into U.S. real estate, foreign nationals have had a difficult time in the past acquiring a mortgage, leading many to pay cash. However, it has now become much easier for foreign nationals to finance the purchase of real estate. There are a wide variety of mortgage loan options now available that are geared towards foreign nationals. Loans available to foreign borrowers may require income verification, though there are some loan programs that do not require it and will simply rely on the equity in the property. We have the financing expertise to provide foreign nationals with the best loan options that are available to them based on their specific needs.

Foreign National Program Highlights:

  • 75% max LTV (Purchase or Refinance)
  • $75,000 minimum loan amount
  • ARM’s or Fixed rates
  • Almost every country accepted
  • Investment properties only (2nd home and non-owner occupied)
  • All property types considered
  • No US credit required
  • No SSN or ITIN required
  • Typically, no reserves required
  • Stated income and full doc. loans available

Legacy Park Mortgage is a cosmopolitan and globally oriented company with an extensive international network. We’re up to speed on the latest visa and lending requirements that foreign nationals will need to know about to get the best mortgage.

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