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10 May 2018
The Beginners Guide to the Fix and Flip Loan Program
An excellent strategy for making getting high returns on your real estate investments is to “fix and flip” – purchasing a distressed property in need of TLC, renovating it, then selling it for a profit. To ensure that your acquisition and rehabilitation do not exceed your profit potential, you should consider a Fix and Flip […]
08 May 2018
Obtaining a Hard Money Loan for Non-Owner-Occupied Real Estate
Non-owner-occupied properties are highly sought after for their income potential. But depending on the condition of the property or its perceived riskiness, many conventional lenders may be reluctant to extend funds to acquire or rehabilitate it. Fortunately, Legacy Park Mortgage’s vast network of lenders and loan programs include options such as a Hard Money Loan […]
03 May 2018
The Standard Checklist of What You Need for Commercial Loans
No matter what type of business you run, there will likely come a time when you need to expand or develop your operations, whether to buy a second or larger location, update your capital equipment, or grow your inventory. In these instances, you will most likely need a Commercial Loans. The vast majority of Commercial […]
28 Mar 2018
Understanding Non-QM Loans with the Help of a Qualified Mortgage Broker
Following the subprime mortgage crisis, many borrowers have become understandably wary of loans promising easier requirements. But today’s Non-QM Loans – short for Non-Quality Mortgage Loans – are nothing like the subprime loans of over a decade ago. On the contrary, they strike a crucial balance between offering easy access to funds while still nonetheless […]
private hard money loan
23 Mar 2018
Find Out if a Private Money Mortgage is Right for You – And How We Can Help!
Most loans and mortgages are offered by formal financial institutions that more or less operate under an industry standard of requirements and guidelines. While this system works just fine for the majority of borrowers, depending on your personal or financial circumstances, the type of property you are buying, or the real estate goals you have, […]
21 Mar 2018
Get the Facts on the Private Commercial Refinance Program
If you’re looking for the quickest way to access equity but don’t qualify for a conventional commercial bank loan, then fortunately for you there’s an option designed specifically for your circumstances: The Private Commercial Refinance Program, among the many programs and loan options Legacy Park Mortgage specializes. Learn more about this little-known but potentially lucrative […]
foreign national loan
18 Nov 2017
We Help With Foreign National Loans
In a globalized economy, Florida real estate is a big commodity, attracting billions of dollars worth of purchases from foreigners all over the world. No matter what brings you to Florida – a second home, an income property, or a future residence – you will have to contend with an entirely different set of rules […]
05 Nov 2017
A Quick Guide to Private Mortgage Insurance
Upon receiving your loan estimate, you may come across something called Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI. This is a type of mortgage insurance found in conventional home loans – e.g., those not backed by a government agency – that protects the lender in the event that you are unable to make your payments. Though it […]

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